OK quiz time until I find out what it is. My mate John has very kindly donated this little scooter to me but I've yet to find out what it is as the only place there is any writing is on the seat which says Piaggio. So at least I think it's Italian. So if you think you know what it is by all means use the forum to let me know! I don't plan on riding it but for a while now I've fancied adding one to the collection. As you can see in the photos it needs a lot of work. I'm in no hurry and I don't care if it never goes as it's realy only going to be a show piece in the garage.

13/08. Forgot to update this. After joining the Vespa UK forum it took the guys there all of 5 mins to tell me it's a Vespa 50. From what we can gather it's early 80's. I'm in no hurry but will get the frame number verified with the DVLA at some point. Although I wont be starting to it for a while I couldn't resist starting to but bits for it. First thing was the badge that goes on the front.

And then a new speedo.