30/06/06 I couldn't wait any longer. I have been toying with the idea for ages of buying a new  Panda 4x4 but the price of them was just to high. However I sold the landrover last week and decided that if I could get my local dealer to do me a good deal I would go for one. Well my local dealer Des from Mervyn Stewarts has came up trumps and I signed on the dotted line today for a red 4x4 with Skydome sunroof and a sliding/folding rear seat.   I won't get it though for another 8 weeks!

11/09/09. Well 10 weeks later and WOOHOO it's arrived off the boat this morning. As soon as Des (the dealer) phoned me I went straight round. It hasn't had anything done to it yet so was sitting with a good layer of dust. It has to be pdi'd so I won't be lifting it until Wednesday. However we took it up the road for a drive and I had the silliest big grin on my face, it is a hoot to drive. I was told it would be slow but on that short run it was plenty quick enough for me. Anyway here's the first pics of it still in the dealers.



Vincent the after sales Manager and Des the sales Manager give it the once over. Now that's good service. Ready now for PDi. 


1 mile on the clock. WooHoo !!!

Right I have "Cheeky" home, Thats what I have decided to call him so here are the photos.  I have to say I am very impressed so far.

My mascot Hommer with his Ferrari race suit on. Like Luigi, "he only follows the Ferraris" . The Climbing badge was very generousely donated to me by Pandissimo from the Fiat Forum. It finishes things off nicely.


Well that's 250 miles racked up so here's my first impressions. It is nowere near as slow as I had been led to believe and can keep up with traffic in all conditions. It rolls very little on corners even when pushed a little. The ride is a bit on the hard side (probably why it doesn't roll) but I like it that way. On a poorly layed road it can get a little bouncy to. Inside it is very airy thanks to the Skydome roof and the light interior. The steering has a heavier feel to it than the 2wd Panda. There is adjustment on the drivers seat for raising the base of the seat so it's very easy to get comfortable, unless your 6'3" and over. I ordered the car with a sliding rear seat and I reckon it will come in very useful. Since getting it home I have been stopped 5 times by people asking about it, the general comment being "it looks like nothing else I've seen on the road". It is true to the Panda tradition in every sense of the word. I love it.        

16/11/06.  Well just gave the car it's first oil and filter change (2,926 miles) I won't be reporting every service but as this was the first (I'm going to do an oil change every 3,000 miles) I thought I would post it. The Biggest part of it was getting the steel belly pan off. "It weighs a tonne". I thought it would be made of plastic but it has definately been made to protect the engine/gearbox over some very rough terrain. It is held on by 6 13mm bolts, 2 at the rea and 4 at the front. The front ones are covered by plastic covers held on by 2 self tappers each.  I would suggest owners of a 4x4 is take the bolts out and put plenty of copper ease on them along with the 4 self tappers, as it could prove hard to get off once water etc gets in on the act. The oil filter needs to be taken off by a strap or chain but not with one that goes on the end as there's no room between it and the exhaust shield. Oil change itself took only 10 mins. It took longer to get the pan off. 

My car has never been so dirty. I went to visit Vincent today and the roads were filthy. Good photo though.