The smile was wiped off my face though when I got the car home and into the garage because I tripped over the trolley jack which sailed across the floor in slow motion and hit the drivers door of the car  It took about the size of a thumb nail of paint off. I couldn't believe it. I'm only happy that there was no body damage at all, just paint. I know it's only a small mark but I will be painting the entire bottom half of the door as it has to be right. I was for putting it in for Mot today to.    

Got up early this morning and got the car masked off and ready for painting.


Once this was done I gave the panel a coat of primer to make sure I get it a smooth as the rest of the car again.

I don't normally work on Sundays as I keep it free for the kids when I'm off, but felt I had to get the door done as I want the car finished completely this week. So got the door painted. Just have to buff it down tomorow or Tuesday and that should be all done barring anymore misshaps.   

Got the dor al nicely flattened and polished up. (photo came out rubbish though).

Since I had spare paint left over and I've been meaning to do it anyway, I painted a few bits under the car were the paint has been damaged due to lifting the car up on the jack. I also tightened the handbrake a little. Ok I think it's mot time.  

 I had put the car in for mot which was to be on the 7th Dec, a month away. So I have been phoning everyday to get a canelation. I should explain. The Mot in N.I. is done at a purpose built government test centre and you have to book your MOT in advance which can take up to a month as you can see. It's the toughest test for cars in Europe now. Well I managed to get booked into mot today (7th Nov) at 1.45pm. So car cleaned and over I went.  Of course as soon as I got there it started to pour down.   Anyway I drove the car in and have to admit I was a bag of nerves. 2 years work boils down to a few machines and a man to decide if the car roadworthy. I asked the tester to be as hard on the car as he would be on a 4 year old Merc because I wanted it 100%. Boy did he put it through its paces. Emissions passed. Lights, fog light, indicators, horn, wipers, washers, seat belts, door pins, fuel cap rubber seal all passed. Next, front suspension, rear suspension, front brakes, rear brakes, handbrake, all passed. Then the best bit. The tester puts the car up on a lift and a machine rocks the steering to test the track rods and ball joints etc. It also gives him the oportunity to check the complete underneath of the car. Below is the photo's of the car up on the lift being checked out.


22 mins later and the verdict,, WOOHOO! it passed. Not only did it pass but the tester reckoned that the car was probably in better condition than when it came out of the factory. He couldn't find one single fault. So he proudly handed me the most important piece of paper the car could have.  


The test certificate. Although I couldn't be happier, I am also a bit sad to as it now means the car can go to it's new owner Paul. I phoned him to let him know the news and I think he was a bit pleased at the news.

I can't help tinkering with the car even though it's finished. I was afraid of the spare wheel damaging the paint so I cut a couple of bits of leather to protect the paint and glued them on.


The new lap belts arrived for the rear seats.

The last job on the car was to fit these for Paul. There are no holes for mounting them on the car so it was going to mean drilling holes, something I wasn't really keen on doing. So on checking the mounts for the rear seat backs I thought it a very good place to ancor the belts to. The middle bolts for the seat backs are 17mm which is the same bolts that would locate the normal seat belts to a car. So I used the 17mm bolt for the betls.


The other side is 2 13mm bolts so I fitted the belt end under the bracket for the 2 bolts. This means the belt is held in very securely.

Once they were in I tried them for size and was actually able to rock the car enough that it moved along the floor. The belts though were very secure and didn't move at all.

22/11/07. The day the car went to it's new home. Paul came down this morning to get his new car. I think you can tell by his smile that he's a bit pleased to be finally get his hands on the car. He has 3 127's but always wanted a Sport, in Orange. And today he realised his little dream car.

He just couldn't wait to get in and drive. Before I knew it, Paul was off and away. 

The end of my little story about my 127 Sport...   I had great fun doing this restoration because I made some new friends, who seemed as keen as I was about getting the little car up to scratch. It's very dangerous to single people out but I have to say a big thank you to Neil, Aiden, Rob, Ben, Nick, Bruno, Gavin, Everyone at Fancy engineering  and quite a few other people from around the world. I may have did most of the work, but I honestly don't think I would have did the job as well if it hadn't have been for the encouragement and help from everyone one of you who contacted me.