I started resoration of this 1980 Sport on the 06/11/05. It then took me 2 years to restore the car to "As new" condition. Photo's and text about the restoration are on this page and on the continued page. 

 The 127 in the garage. The restoration starts here. Full strip down first. 

Interior before restoration.

Engine bay before restoration. The engine will be lifted out and the whole of the engine bay will be repainted. Engine will also be checked over and cleaned up.

07/11. It took 2 hours to get the engine bay stripped ready to get the engine out. I am almost sure I can get the engine and box out as one and hope to be able to leave the alternator and starter on as well.

  The front bumper, lights, grill and spoiler have also been removed now. Next job is to strip the interior out. I want to do this before I lift the engine out. When I got everything off I was pleasently surprised at how solid the body is. I only found 2 small holes in the inner wings. Right at the join for the front panel.

The heater box was a pain to remove. I split it in 2 to get it out (it's held together by 4 clips)  but it can be taken carefully out as one unit. There are 2 cables that run through it and if your removing it you don't need the remove the inner one for the vent flap. I did and it's going to be awkward to put back in. While I have the heater matrix out I will leave it in along with the radiator to have it re-cored.

08/11. Got the tail gate stripped of the wiper motor etc. Also got the front wiper unit out. This was straight forward and shouldn't cause anyone dramas to remove. I stripped the passenger door to. Now the metal frame has to be removed very carefully to prevent any damage to it and the best way I found was to wind the window down and loosen off the quarter panel  frame first as it holds part of the metal frame in. The rubber channel will come off with the frame. There are front and rear guiders in the door bottom as wel  and these have to be removed to allow the window to be loose enough to manouvre out. All the screws are star head. I marked on the winding wire were the window attaches so it will be replaced in the same position. Be careful removing the 2 star heads that hold the frame to the wire as they are on very tight but are quite easy to damage. I put a block behind them and used an impact driver. Pull handle mechanism comes out as one unit. It is a little fiddly to get out but patience pays here. 

21/11/05. Once the windscreen was removed I could see just how rusty the frame was. Thankfully it's all on the bottom edge so should be easy welded up.

Boot floor. It is sound with no week points at all but as can be seen water has got in at some point.

Inner wheel arches have had a lot of patching done on them. The actual patches are ok but the welds have never been smoothed down. This will be done then sealed properly.


 Both doors have now been stripped bare and are in excellent condition. The last owner wisely used a lot of Waxoil on them.


Canvas roof now removed. I will have to source a new roof covering as the old one has become very brittle and is starting to split. I hope I can find somewere to replace it.

The shell is now almost stripped. I only have to remove the tailgate after I remove the glass from it. I am checking to see how hard it will be to remove the dash as I think it would be best to have it out to. It would help to when I have to weld the bottom of the windscreen.                                                                   

     30/12/05. I got a chance today after the Christmas hols to start back in and rubbed down the wing that was the worst part of the car. there was quite a lot of filler in the wing although it has been welded up. There were about 10 pin holes starting as well so I put in all new metal and gound it smooth. I was going to put on a new wing but as the wings are getting hard to find i decided to save the original wing that is on the car. I had to fabricate some metal on the top corner near the windscreen but it should last a few years. The pinholes down the post were quite tricky to smooth down once new metal had been put in. But I got there. 


New metal is now in on the tp of the wing. This is the pic before grinding it smooth.

Once I had all the new metal in and the pin holes welded up I gave the wing a generous coat of Zinq. I will be doing this as I go round the car.

30/12/05. Well that's the end of the year and I'm pleased at how far I have got on. There is more work to be done than expected but I will be taking my time as I would like to hope the car will be around for years to come. Happy new year to you all.

06/01/06. There was quite a few holes around the screen that had to have new metal welded in. After this was done I gave the whole suround a coat of rust eater just to be on the safe side. Like the rest of the car this will then be covered with zinq coating. 


I went on to lift the car almost on it's side so I can get the underneath sorted. Engine cranes are so usefull.


It's amazing what residents can be found. Next job was to remove the tank.


Now I have a clear view of the underneath. Although there has been welding done it has been done properly. It just hasn't been grinded back. The floor is 100% solid and a pleasent surpise so I only have to take any lose sealing off and reseal it before painting. I haven't decided yet if I am going to paint the underneath orange as well. The suspension is just surface rust and will be cleaned and painted with chasis black.  

07/01. Got all the flaking sealer off today and found a couple of holes in the floor. Both at the same place on the drivers and passengers sides. All the rust was cut out and new metal put in. I then gave the floor 4 tins of black rubber sealer. I'm hoping on monday to get time to paint the underneath. Hole on passenger side.

 Hole on drivers side.

Rear after the tank was removed. There was a hole about the size of a 10p just at the bolt at the rear panel.

09/01. Got the underneath all painted. First I put on 4 tins of stonechip. I then painted the underneath the same colour 2 pack that the rest of the car will be painted. To make sure sure the paint will last I then brushed a see through rubber sealer on everywere. just to finish things off I went the extra bit and painted all the black bits with chassis black. What do you think.

Tank before and after it was painted chassis black.

10/01. Ok got the engine, gearbox and front suspension out this morning. Now I had to do this on my own so the only help I had was a trolley jack and an engine crane. I decided to remove the lot as one unit rather then splitting them. To do this and to give enough space to get the engine/box out as one I removed the starter and the fuel pump from the rear of the engine. I also took off the air filter as it would have touched. I jacked the car up as High as I could and placed the car on axle stands to allow as much clearence as possible. The trolley jack was then placed under the engine along the support bracket that that runs from the front crossmember to the bulkhead. at this point disconnect the track rod ends, the bottom suspension mounts and the anti roll bar brackets. You do not need to remove the roll bar, just the brackets. I found the next best thing to do is to manoeuvre the crane in and take the weight of the car on it. (I was able to put the harness through the heater hole and out the windscreen as they were already out). Take off the engine mounts first and then gently let the engine and box drop as much as you can while keeping an eye on the driveshafts. Only when it's down as far as you dare do you then release the dampers by the 10mm nuts. Be careful they don't drop straight onto the floor. All being well the engine will be low enough not to stretch the shafts. Once this is done let the trolley down while keeping an eye on clearence. You will have to manoeuvre the engine slightly in the direction of the gearbox side to clear the timing pulley wheel. This is were the crane comes in. It can take the weight of the car and lift the car clear of the engine. Hey-presto then just wheel the lot out as one. Now to get into the engine bay an get it completely stripped and painted.

Engine and gearbox out on the ground. Boy does it look grubby.

Around the heater box on the bulk head looks like there's a bit of rust around it.

Now that the engine is out I can get stuck in sorting the bay out. Unbelievably it has no rust.

Once I got the engine bay cleaned and any rough areas sorted I painted the whole of the bay with rust eater to be sure I didn't miss anything.

Engine out and on the bench ready for cleaning and replacing of some parts.

After a bit of work the engine now really looks the part. I know no-one will ever see the half of the detailing I did but I went to the length of painting the engine and plug numbers on the block in gold just in case anyone needs to see them.  

Drivers door post had a few little bubbles I wasn't happy about so I cut them out and put in new metal. Filler is only used to tidy the area up and smooth it off.

The areas around the tail lights had rusted enough to warrent getting the welder out to them. Once this was done I had to finish them off with a skim of filler to get the lines right. I also filled the gap were the roof meets the wing as I don't any areas that might allow water in.

Shell stripped and a coat of zinc primer on the drivers side.

The shell with it's first full coat of zinc primer.

Shell now with the heavy primer on. It should help take out any imperfections.

Getting the bonnet ready for painting. Clearly it's not the original bonnet.

Inside of the bonnet treated to a good coat of Zinc primer.

Bonnet now painted. I won't be rubbing it down until I put it back on the car.

Sanding the doors to see if there is any work needing done on them.

Passenger side door had a hole on the corner of it.

Any rust was cut clean out and New metal put in.


Door now Zinc coated.

Doors primed and ready for painting.

Doors painted. Can you see the runs.

Finally engine bay and front panel painted.

Front inner wings now painted.

I'm all pleased as I got the shell painted today. Just the slow process of flattening all the paint back to get any imperfections out and polishing it all up again.  

Flattening the paint back hasn't went to plan. As you can see I managed to buff through the paint. I will have to re-do the wing again. "Bugger".  

My new radiator came today. I wasn't sure I was going to get it. I'm all pleased.

I was short a 70 HP badge for the passengers door but thankfully well known Fiat 127 expert Rob Miler came to my rescue and sent me one.. 

As the edging for the roof guttering is no longer available I was wondering what to use. I remembered years ago doing striping on the roof of a Mini and it came on a roll. So I ordered a roll up and tried it. I thought the bend would be awkward but by using the heat gun it bent into shape. You do have to be careful you don't end up damaging the paint. Once I had it bent I held it in place with masking tape to make sure it beds in. 

It keeps it's shape. I will glue it down once I finish with everything else.

New brake piping as I want to replace the lot. I decided to use Copper/Nickel piping as it lasts longer. 

The hood for the roof is looking a bit tired so I took it apart and sent the outer bit away to have a new piece the same made in black. This is it all stripped down. 

The hood rails were showing a few signs of rust so were rubbed down and treated to rust eater and hammerite.

Front suspension complete with anti roll bar now seperated from the engine. Ready to be stripped down and cleand up.

Once the front dampers have been stripped this is the sequence they came apart on the top mounts.

The front suspension was treasted to New dampers. The springs were like new and only needed a cleaning. This is both all newly painted and put back together.   

New rear shocks now fitted. Not sure the colour goes but I'm not going to change things.

Front hub, calliper and disc removed. 

Wheel hubs and drive shafts rubbed down and painted with chassis black.

I came across an original in the box Fiat oil filter so it will be going on for authenticity.

Heater box.

Old and new heater valves. Old one was still moving but I'll replace it anyway.  

I stripped the heater box right down and gave it a good cleaning. I used a new heater matrix and new heater valve. The flaps (black rectanguler things in the photo) had rusted a little and ceased solid. I freed them up and painted them. No doubt they'll stink a little once I start using them.

A nice little touch I think. An original Fiat 127 key ring.

Things are moving along again. I think I have all the paint apart from the engine bay now polished. One of my big worries was the Sport stripes, I couldn't get any. However Ben From England came to my rescue. He has recently restored a 127 Sport and got stripes made for his car. He very kindly got a set of stripes made up for me in the correct size. Thank you Ben. They are on a roll so I can cut them to size.

Ok I just couldn't wait any longer to see what the stripes look like on the car and since the tailgate is painted I decided to put the stripe on it. It looks excellent I think. I'm well pleased. I won't put the rest on until the car is built incase I damage the paint anywere and have to redo any of it.   

Next job is to get the wiring all back in. This is the bit I'm not looking forward to doing as it frustrates the life out of me. I have the wiring generally laid out and wil clean it all up before fixing anything in place. This might take a while  Oh and do you see my nice clean steering rack with it's new track ends on.

Before I put the engine back in I wanted to strip the engine mounts to make sure they were in good condition. They were bothe perfect and it gave me a chance to clean them up and paint them.

Decided since it was such a wet day to get the engine in. It was pretty straight forward considering I had an empty engine bay and most of the bits are off the engine. I lowered the engine in without any of the engine mounts on as this created a bit more room to play with. I did drop the engine low once in to allow me to then bolt the mounts in. Once this was done I raised the engine back up to the mounts and bolted it all up. It took just under an hour to have it the way you see it now. Thngs are starting to look well. I got the front and rear screens in yesterday. Again 30 mins had both in. 

It's been a year since I started the restoration and I have to try to remember were everything goes. So my cunning plan is to use some of the photos I took as I stripped the car to help me put it back together again. "Well that's the plan"!

This is the 100th photo of the restoration and my mate Ciaran came round to celebrate the engine going back in "only time I've seen him lift something in my garage, and of course it's wine".

As he is Northern Irelands top photographer he used my camera to take this arty shot. He takes better ones when he's sober     

Right, back to work. I now have all the engine bay wiring cleaned and replaced were needed and put back were it belongs. The brake master cylinder was stripped, checked and cleaned and the servo came in for the same treatment. I had bought a new master cylinder but it's the wrong type.  The wiper mechanism was also stripped, checked, cleaned and Painted. All the ancilleries have now been cleaned a put back in to. There's just a couple of bits to be double checked once the cars rebuild is finished but it's ready to go.


Front and rear bumpers are now on (I put a new front bumper on as the original had 2 holes in it for spot lamps). Lights back in although I will be replacing these with new ones I've been promised.  


Front suspension now completed. New dampers, track rod ends, flexi brake pipes and suspension arms. Calipers were stripped down, checked, rebuilt and re-painted. Discs are like new so I seen no reason to replace them. New pads fitted.  New  brake pipes plumbed in to.  

Next up was the exhaust system. It's in very good condition and has a long life it it yet so all I had to do was paint it. Front down pipe was painted with grey exhaust paint, middle section with silver high temp paint and the back box matt black as the original would have been. The only thing I'm not happy about is the chrome tips of the exhaust as the chrome has flacked off the ends. Once I get the car on the road I will take a mate who owns an exhaust business to make me up 2 new tips in stainless steel like the ones he made for the 308.

Next up was the exhaust system. It's in very good condition and has a long life it it yet so all I had to do was paint it. Front down pipe was painted with grey exhaust paint, middle section with silver high temp paint and the back box matt black as the original would have been. The only thing I'm not happy about is the chrome tips of the exhaust as the chrome has flacked off the ends. Once I get the car on the road I will take a mate who owns an exhaust business to make me up 2 new tips in stainless steel like the ones he made for the 308.

Nearly forgot to change the thermostat. The old one doesn't look to bad but like everything else I changed it for a new one.

While rubbing the paint down on the frame of the Quarter windows to repaint them, I remembered that the drivers side one has a bad scrape on it. I will have to source one from somewere as it's only going to detract from all the hard work. You can easily see the scrape in the centre of the photo.  

 I've been asked a few times now about how smooth I get the paint. My secret is nothing more than 1500 W&D with soapy water and part of a wiper blade. The blade wipes the water off straight away and lets me see just what imperfections are there, then I just rub them out with the block and the 1500. It is a slow process but I think it's worth it to get a good smooth finish. Once the whole lot is flattened I use Farecla G3 to buff the paint back up and then a couple of coats of polish to give a good shine. I did the bonnet today after I got it back on the car.

Once polished up I decided to put the "Sport" decals onI put the boot one on as well since it was with the other 2.


The whole front all cleaned and polished up. I'll not fit the grill until I decide weather I'm going to fit air horns or the standard horn which goes behind the grill. I'm ready to start the interior now.

I forgot I had 2 original front inner protection arches. As you can see in the photo they were a bit dirty. So they were washed down and cleaned. I then sprayed both the inside (that you don't see) and the outside in lots of silicon spray so no water (if the car ever happens to be out in it) will be able to settle and create damp. Also to be sure no water gets to settle I brushed a lot of waxoil onto the inner arches. I know it's a bit of overkill but it is a 1970's Fiat and can do with all the help it can to make sure it lasts well into the future. 

All fitted with nice new self tappers which were dipped in Copperease before screwing them in. A little more protection.

My friend Chris landed round to the house ast night with a shiny brand new set of the correct Carello head lights for the car. I didn't want them laying around so first thing this morning I put them in along with the new set of bulbs I've had for them.


Here's a little trick that's worked a treat. You know when you buy a new washing machine there are bolts with long hard plastic washers to hold the drum in place for carriage, well the bolt hole is an exact fit for the rod that attatches to the gear lever. So all you have to do is use a bench grinder to grind it down unti it fits in the hole for the gear lever and then cut it to size. Best of all it means if you manage to wear it out you have enough length for 2 more goes at it. So start rumaging. I fitted the lever and linkage back onto the car and the lever is as tight as can be. Just like new again.  So tell the missus Hording stuff pays off in the end  


Since I'm waiting on the new roof coming back and the new quarter glass, things are limited to what can be done but I started on the dash today. As you can see it's in but I'm not going to tighten everything up just yet as I may need to tinker a little later on.


I had a look at the clocks and they were a bit dusty both inside and out so like everything else on the car I took them apart and gave everything a good cleaning. The face just pops off as it's just held on with 4 lugs. Clocks do show a lttle sign of age but I'd be very reluctant to replace them as they are the original ones.

 Up to now I've been holding off putting the stripes on for fear of getting them damaged but I see no point holding off any longer and put the drivers side on today. Ben from England who has a few 127 Sports sourced the exact sizes for me. They came on one big roll which meant I have to cut each line out individually and place them by eye. The shot below shows 2 on on the panel and how I fitted the bottom one. Unbelievably I got them right first time.


Drivers side all done. Take a bow Ben, they look perfect.

 Ben came to my rescue again. He sent me over a good quarter light glass complete with frame. The frame is a bit pitted but that doesn't matter as it was only the glass that I need. It only took 10 nims to do and I even transferred the little alarm sticker over for that original 80's feel. 

The same day my new hangers came for the exhaust. I had bought other ones which were to short but these are original Fiat 127 ones for the rear box. I only needed one but it's good to have a spare.

Time to move on to the interior. I want the car to be a little quieter than it would have been and spoke to the Motor factor guys about it. They told me the trick is not to cover the entire floor with deadening felt but to spread the pads. This they say cuts down the resonance in the panels enough without overkill. So in the 2 photos below you can see I have the pads placed in strategic places. I hope it works.  Oh and I still have to do the rear floor, I just ran out of stuff.   

The plastic side panels for the car that cover the arches have deadening felt on them. Over the years this had came adrift so I glued it all back on and I just put them in the car for now out of harms way. I can't put the in yet as I want to waxoil inside the panels.


Head cloth next. Like any old car I've seen was sagging and dirty. I had the bright idea of stripping it off the roof panel. Turned out it wasn't hard as it almost fell off.

Once off I gave it to my Missus who put it in the washing machine. We were both worried it might shrink but she did a cool wash on it and it came out perfect. All nice and clean. I then cleaned the roof lining frame and using the proper glue gently put the cloth back on.


Head cloth back in. I'm well pleased. It looks pretty good even if I say so myself.

I'm on a roll with cleaning the inside bits. Carpets next. I sprayed the carpets with lots of carpet cleaner then took to them with the power wash. It's only a small power wash and it did a great job. The dirt that came out of the carpets was amazing. 

Before cleaning.

During cleaning.

Boot carpet drying.

While waiting on the carpets to dry I took the oportunity to fit my brand new colum stalk unit. Below is a photo of the old and new ones. Can you tell which is which. 

My mate Neil was over from England and knows a bit about 127's. So I roped him into sorting out some wiring. I wish I'd taken a photo of his face when I took the cover off the car to let him see it. His words were "that is a bonny wee car". There were other words but I can't print them here  .  Funny to how things happen. Neils mate Darren phoned him for a chat and was telling him about following a 127's restoration on the net. While he was telling Neil about this, Neil told him he knew about the car because he was sitting in it bleeding the brakes!!! Neil put Darren on to me and we had a very nice little chat about the car. I was rather chuffed that my cars restoration does seem to be inspiring others as Darren now has 3 127's. 

It's the turn of the Waxoil.


2 full tins of it were used for anywere with a gap in it. Specially the doors and rear panels.

  I took one of the seats and steam cleaned it gently. Boy was there a lot of dirt that came out of the coth.


It came up really well though so i will be steam cleaning the rest of the seats.


I was a nice day outside and this gave me the chance to sort out the inner part of the sliding roof. As you can see it is tan and dirty. But it's in excellent condition and I seen no reason to bin it. So I spoke to the guys at the Motor factors and they were able to give me a spray for vynal.


It took 2 tins of the stuff but it came up very well. I'm pleasently surprised. Oh and the dark patch on the lower right is just a shadow. 

I've been putting off doing the wheels because frankly I hate doing wheels. It takes forever to rub them down and half time silicon from the tyres has seaped right into the paint and reacts with the new paint. Took forever but finaly they are flattened and any little marks taken out.


First coat of primer on the wheels.

And of course they reacted.  Oh I really hate wheels. Just have to start all over again.

While getting bored sanding the wheels back down I found the jack. It will have to be done as well.

I'm sure someone will look at this and say I've gone mad but the jack has to be right or it'll take away from the rest of the engine bay. Primed and ready for painting.

The wheels haven't reacted this time thank goodness. I've also been asked why I haven't removed the tyres. Well, I let all the air out of them and then paint the tyres with gel coat stuff I have and the paint sticks to this and not the tyre. Then when they're all done I just take the gel off with a fine wire brush and clean the tyres up. At least it's worked in the past. 

Did I mention that my new roof lining arrived during the week. It's made of the proper stuff but I was expecting it to have been cut to shape for fitting. It came in a big square with all the markings on it. However I have to make it up and cut it to size. Thank goodness my Granda was an upholsterer for a living and taught me some of his skills. Now to find out if the skills sank in. 

Once the holes are all marked, lined up and cut the lining has to be glued to the front rail first. It then has to be folded at the corners and this is the really tricky bit. Once cut the edges have to be glused and the best way to hold it is by using clamps. I bought these for a £1 ages ago and they have proved very useful.


Yes I know I'm going from one thing to another but I have to do one while the others drying. Finally got the silver paint onto the wheels. Next is to paint the black on and laquer.

It's not boring at all having to paint the black in by hand. "No really it's not".

However thankfully they are now finished. For some strange reason the photo makes them look gold'ish but they're silver and laquered.

While the wheels dry, it's back to the roof. Time to fit it. I have to  be honest here, it's probably the hardest job I've done so far. It will probably take a day's work by itself to get right.  

Big day today. Got the wheels back on and the car on the ground for the first time in over a year. Not only that but I got the roof sorted and on. I must admit it was a lot of work but the roof came out great in the end. It is a very awkward job though, and not one I'd like to be doing to often.

Once I got the roof on I couldn't resist putting the battery in and seeing if the car would turn over. It turned over fine. Probably would have started if I'd put petrol in. I now can get the rest of the interior back in. On thing I did notice when the battery was in is that none of the electrics appear to be working. A job I have little time for so I'll enlist a good friend to help sort the electrics. 


I'm not the brightest, literally!  I've been sorting out the wiring over the last couple of days, but just couldn't get the rear lights to work. What was annoying me about it was the rear lights are complete new units so they should be ok. Well this morning I took the dash out again to see if I'd left a connector off somewere but all was fine! While I was standing looking bemused, my Wife passed the garage door and asked what was wrong. I told her. She thought for a second and then said "is there bulbs in the new units". Of course my reply was along the lines of "don't be silly Woman, they're new units". She shrugged and walked on. I thought about what she'd said for a minute and then took one of the lenses off to check the bulbs. Boy am I thick, no bulbs, at all. Went and got new bulbs and alls rossy with the world, including my face.   All I have to get working now is one side light, one headlight and the original radio.   

Moved the car to create space to put the ferrari in out of the way and done my back in. Never a good thing when your pushing a car around. So the only work I was able to do this week was print off the build record of the car. What a shock. It's thicker than a Haynes manual. Once the cars finished I will complete the manual and give it to Paul with the car.  I did manage to get the original radio working again and the dash is back in. So now (back allowing) I can concentrate on getting the interior all in.


Still in a bit of pain but needs must and since I now have the dash all working I put the carpet in today. I only put it in losely as I have yet to match it all up. The flash from the camera makes it look very light and still dirty which it isn't. All being well I'll get it all in tomorrow.

Got the carpet all in and screwed down. Seats are next and got them all out of the attic so I can get them cleaned. Seat bottoms have got a little surface rust on them so cleaned it all off and will give them a couple of coats of paint. I know they will never be seen but I want to know they are right.


Back to steaming again. I had only did the front passenger seat before to make sure all would be ok so did the rest today. The drivers seat came out really well but it was a bit of a shock to see the dirt that came out.

The towel before and after.  It took me almost 2 hours just to do the drivers seat.


One of the rear seat bases cleaned.

 The rear seats went back in first, then I steam cleaned the carpet again as with putting the roof back in and then the seats the carpet had got a little dirty agan. I even steam cleaned the pedals which came up well.

All the interior is now in. Just needs a final cleaning once the cars completed.

As almost everything else is almost done I'll see about setting the engine up to get it started. For this I've enlisted the help of my mate who looks after the 308 and he is coming round durng the week to time everything up. In preperation I put 3 gallons of petrol in. It was the last job I did before going into the house. However I forgot the camera and had to go back out to the garage, it's just as well because stupid me forgot to tighten up one of the jubilee clips for the fuel pipe under the car and about a gallon of the fuel had already leaked out over the floor.  It's all sorted now but I'm sure the smell will linger for a few days.  

Today went well. I got the new horn fitted and while doing so got the headlight that wasn't shining fully sorted. Bad earth, isn't it always. I also bought 2 black plastic seat covers for the front seats to keep them good when the car is being driven. I think I'm getting close to having it finished.


09/10/07. My mate Aiden who looks after the bits of my 308 that I'm afraid to work at arrived round this morning to get the car timed up and started. So after I made him his breakfast out he went and got stuck in.  

Didn't take him long and at 11.20 I turned the key and the car purred like a kitten. Quality of the video is a bit poor but the car does sound nice. The emmissions still have to be set right for the MOT but the car will have to go to Aidens to have this done. And it will only be going on a dry day. 


I have been searching for a set of black mats for the car but I wanted ones that go with the era of the car. It took a while to find the right set but good old Ebay came to the rescue and I now have them. I'm waiting on a scratch repair kit for the windows of the car so I can finish it off but due to the postal strike thats on at the moment the stuff slow coming.


Today was the first I got working at the car in a week as little son wasn't well so needed nursed. I got a glass polishing kit as I wanted to try to get the marks out of the door glass as I'm really not happy with them. It was a wast of £30 to  be honest as the kit didn't remove any of the marks. So I'm now on the lookout for 127 Sport green tint door windows if anyone has some they don't need..


 22/10/07. Big day today. I drove the car for the first time in 2 years. And I'm very proud to say, it drives beautifully. I was impressed myself at how well it goes. The new clutch is a little sharp but boy does it go well, and that's before I get the emmissions set properly.

 "What do you think"? This is it's first daylight since the rebuild.

I then took it to get the trackng done. The photo cameout very poor for some reason. All being well I'll take it tomorrow and get the lights and emmissions done and that's it ready for MOT.


Tuesday past was one of those days were some things went really well only to be ruined completely. Took the car to my mates and got the lights and emissions done.

As he has a lift I took the opportunity to double check everything was ok underneath.

We then took the car for a little test and it's driving brilliantly. Pleased with our efforts we parked it next